#wcw | Jane Goodall

I have been featuring #wcw on my social media for months now, and I have now decided to start featuring my #wcw on the blog as well, as not everyone has social media. Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw) is often a stereotypical babe that is plastered all over the internet on a weekly basis. I’m not fond of social norms, and going against the grain is what I do, so I have decided that my #wcw each week is going to be a woman who is intelligent, a shaker and mover and an overall contributor to society.

WATCH HERE: #wcw | Jane Goodall | Ethologist

In the 1960s, with no formal academic training, Jane Goodall ventured into the forests of Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, to observe chimpanzees in the wild. During her time there she made three observations of chimpanzees that challenged conventional scientific theories held at the time: (1) chimps are omnivores not herbivores, (2) chimps make and use tools, and (3) chimps make their tools (at the time, a trait used to define humans). These insights altered the way we understood our place in the animal kingdom and opened doors for other women in science. Jane is still hard at work today, traveling approximately 300 days a year, raising awareness and money to protect the chimpanzees and their habitat through her nonprofit organization the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) and JGI’s youth program, Roots & Shoots. Find out more about HERE.


http://www.janegoodall.org/our-story/about-jane/ https://www.britannica.com/biography/Jane-Goodall

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