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Welcome back! I thought my title was pretty clever–I crack myself up. While I realize that Taekwondo was originally practiced in Korea and not Japan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for a good pun. Have you seen the new Marie Kondo series on Netflix? Of course you have–it’s everywhere! People all over the world are experiencing “the life changing magic of tidying up.” Women everywhere are pondering life’s most philosophical question: “does it spark joy?” Just this week alone, I got rid of the power bill, dirty clothes and salads because none of that ish brought me any joy. LOL! All joking aside, there is a little something to this whole Marie Kondo bit.

Something happens around age 30–things change. Michael Wann told me that right around age 30 an astrological event happens in everyone’s life called the Saturn Return. No, that’s not where you get to take back your broke down Saturn from your 20s back to the dealership. The Saturn Return is an astrological transit that occurs when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth. Psychologically, the first Saturn return is seen as the time of reaching full adulthood, and being faced, perhaps for the first time, with adult challenges and responsibilities. Well damn, this newfound enlightenment isn’t the result of me becoming older and wiser, but instead the dang planets get to take credit for it. Nonetheless, it happens and somehow most of us change.

I can confidently say that I have ZERO desire to ever return to my twenties. That was not a great decade for me, if we’re being honest. I went through some life changing moments and made some REALLY poor decisions, but nonetheless I pressed forward. Part of my stupid decisions involved the absolute blowing of money. I was very successful in my twenties, I became a manager at 22 and I had more money than sense at that the time. I made a lot of STUPID purchases and developed some really poor spending habits. When I moved to the country I never stopped spending money like I lived in the city. I found myself in some MAJOR debt.

This week I sold a lot of Gucci wedges and Tory Burch espadrilles on eBay for a grand total of $66. Yep–Gucci and Tory Burch shoes, sold together in a lot for $66. Do you know how much I paid for Gucci shoes? WAY TO DAMN MUCH. If I had all of the money back that I made on pointless, mindless purchases, I would be traveling the world right now. I was so wrapped up in myself. I was so wrapped up with keeping up with the Jones’, that I let society manipulate me into thinking that I needed to have the latest and greatest thing. Now, in my thirties, I want nothing more than to torch everything own and start over. I have zero desire to attain “stuff” anymore. I want to spend my pennies on making memories. I’ve cleaned out so many rooms and corners in the house–it’s completely liberating! My drawers have organizers. All like items are in one contained spot so that I know what I have and I’m not rebuying items I already own. It’s amazing–you should try it.

All of this to say, we purposefully bind ourselves by chains and I’m not exactly sure why we do this? What comfort do we feel in slavery to debt, slavery to things? Why do we medicate ourselves with the achievement of more? None of us are taking any of this ish with us when we go, so why have so much of it while we’re here? So while Marie Kondo is #ontrend right now, her saying of “does it spark joy” is really onto something. I can tell you that I think twice about buying anything that isn’t a necessity. I have a house full of stuff–do I really need to add more to it? Do I really need to help promote irresponsible consumerism? Do I want to continue aiding in the destruction of the environment and the support of slave labor? No–I really don’t. I’m not about that life anymore, because I’ve learned that there is so much more to life.

Not giving a giant eff about what people whom I don’t care about think of me anymore has been the most liberating experience. Instead of spending countless hours shopping stores or surfing Amazon looking for something to buy, now I am picking up books and feeding my brain with knowledge and nourishment. I have time to pursue things that matter like spending time with my beautiful daughter, and my PODCAST, and learning trades that I had always wanted to learn. I’d like to offer you up a challenge:

  1. Go into your closet and rid yourself of at least 33% of it.

2. Organize your medicine cabinet or drawer and get rid of anything that is expired.

3. Clean out your underwear drawer. We as women acquire a boatload of undies–you don’t need that many. Clean them out!

I’d love to hear about your Marie Kondo inspired moments. Send me a message!

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