Episode 10 | MK Ultra

MK Ultra, the CIA’s mind control experimentation project(s), goes down as one of the most devious government projects in history. The illegal experimentation on HUMAN subjects is sickening and vile, and largely goes “unknown” to the public. Continue reading Episode 10 | MK Ultra

Review: Unacknowledged

Unacknowledged, a documentary by Dr. Steven Greer via Sirius Disclosure, is one of the most compelling arguments of the 21st Century for life forms outside of our planet. Millions of Americans have been kept in the dark about how and where their tax dollars are spent. We would likely have a better chance of escaping a black hole than we would in leaking the details and blueprints of the elite’s toils. Continue reading Review: Unacknowledged

Blog: Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry is a talking point that I cannot resist getting into. I have always been fascinated by order in nature. It is amazing to me how things in nature often mimic other things—that they are all tied in together, that they are one. This is not a post about religion, nor do I subscribe to organized religion, but the order and oneness found in … Continue reading Blog: Sacred Geometry