Review: Thrive Documentary

Thrive, the documentary is a film that promotes a utopia of sorts–a world in which we could all live peacefully and in perfect balance. It has high hopes and spouts ideas that I am sure many people would be on board with. Find out the good, the bad and the ugly with this documentary. Continue reading Review: Thrive Documentary

Episode 3: Project Blue Book and Georgia MUFON Meetup

Project Blue Book has been the source of much conversation in the conspiracy theory community. Why would the government embark on a 20+ year project to study and collect data on UFOs just to hide all of the evidence from the American people? Today’s episode will teach you the history of Project Blue Book within the United States Military. In addition, you will also learn about MUFON and where they stepped in when the government deemed the Project Blue Book study no longer worth their time. #gemsoftruth #bejewelledpod Continue reading Episode 3: Project Blue Book and Georgia MUFON Meetup

Episode 2: Remote Viewing

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to see the world without ever leaving your living room? You can harness that power by learning the skill of remote viewing. Find out this history of this 20+ year program within the United States Military and how you too can become active in remote viewing. You’re only a few steps away from blowing your own mind with your intuitive abilities. #gemsoftruth #bejewelledpod Continue reading Episode 2: Remote Viewing

Episode 1: An ET Walks Into a Bar

AUDIO: LISTEN HERE WATCH on YOUTUBE: Episode 1 | An ET Walks Into A Bar Sometimes the most profound revelations come in the most unsuspecting of places. Find out on this episode where part of the inspiration for the @bejewelledpod podcast came from and how it changed Stacey Jewell’s outlook on some life principles. Join her as she sets the stage for the 2019 season … Continue reading Episode 1: An ET Walks Into a Bar