Blog | How to Write Manifestations

To manifest or not to manifest, that is the question! First off, what is manifesting? When talking about the Law of Attraction, manifesting (in short) is creating what you want. Yes, it’s really that easy. This isn’t a squeeze your teddy bear, and click your heels three times kind of belief. While yes, Dorothy’s red slippers got her back to where she wanted to be, … Continue reading Blog | How to Write Manifestations

Episode 1: An ET Walks Into a Bar

AUDIO: LISTEN HERE WATCH on YOUTUBE: Episode 1 | An ET Walks Into A Bar Sometimes the most profound revelations come in the most unsuspecting of places. Find out on this episode where part of the inspiration for the @bejewelledpod podcast came from and how it changed Stacey Jewell’s outlook on some life principles. Join her as she sets the stage for the 2019 season … Continue reading Episode 1: An ET Walks Into a Bar