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The moment I laid eyes on the beauty pictured below, I knew that we were going to be inseparable. A crystal clear glass water bottle with a pedestal for the crystal point of my choice–could it get any better than this? I knew immediately that I was going to choose the Rose Quartz to accompany my water bottle. Let’s get a little personal for a moment, shall we? I struggle with emotions, as in I have to go to the Seven Kingdoms via Dragon just to find a single ounce of emotion. It’s a blessing and a curse–as most things in life are. I turned off emotions, because I would never process them in a healthy manner, therefore, it was just easier to have none. Right? WRONG! Not having any emotions is just as bad as having too many…in both cases the individual is unbalanced. I am on a quest for balance in my life and a healthy emotional spectrum, so naturally I chose a crystal that exuded love, because quite frankly–girlfriend needs a little help.

Back to the water bottle. I was hesitant to order one, as I had read some reviews of the bottle leaking. Nonetheless, I dove right in and ordered one regardless of some sketchy reviews. I am so happy that I did for the following reasons:

  1. It is a beautiful water bottle–perhaps the most beautiful–to gaze at throughout the day.
  2. It is a great conversation piece–especially when you proudly display it on the conference room table at your job.
  3. It has metaphysical benefits. I cannot say for certain that I am happier or more pleasant to be around because of drinking from a water bottle that has a crystal inside of it. However, I do think that I am happier, so in turn didn’t it work?
  4. It makes for a very unique and personal gift. Picking out crystals is very hard to do for someone else, but I believe with these water bottles that you’re picking out an intention for them and I find that to be a great gift from the heart.
  5. It’s environmentally friendly! Since it is glass, it is made from natural materials. It will be reusable forever, so long as you do not break it. It has metal hardware. The only thing that’s not very eco-friendly is the rubber gasket inside to keep it from leaking, but do you want water all over your purse? I think not.
  6. You are able to change out the crystal, should you so desire. HOWEVER, it is very important that you research your crystals before you just pop one in there. The quartz family generally is a pretty safe family, but you would not want to put a crystal in there that is heavily metallic as that could become poison to you. PLEASE do your research before you just make a bold move.
  7. It is as much of a desk decor piece as your fancy pen holder is. Yes! It looks absolutely gorgeous atop a gorgeously adorned desk. It will only add to your desk ambiance.

These are just a few of my reasons for having this glass crystal water bottle. It is by far one of my favorite purchases and I’m so happy I took the plunge (pun intended!). I would love to hear about your crystal infused water bottle story. If you decide to pick one up, let me know what crystal you picked and how you are liking your new savvy bottle. Love and light to you–always.

WATCH HERE: Review of Crystal Infused Water Bottle

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