#wcw | Vera Rubin | American Astronomer

I have been featuring #wcw on my social media for months now, and I have now decided to start featuring my #wcw on the blog as well, as not everyone has social media. Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw) is often a stereotypical babe that is plastered all over the internet on a weekly basis. I’m not fond of social norms, and going against the grain is what I do, so I have decided that my #wcw each week is going to be a woman who is intelligent, a shaker and mover and an overall contributor to society.

WATCH HERE: #wcw | VERA RUBIN | American Astronomer / Educator / Pioneered Black Matter

Vera Rubin was an American astronomer that made groundbreaking observations that provided evidence for the existence of a vast amount of dark matter in the universe. The Swiss American astronomer Fritz Zwicky had in 1933 observed that the mass of stars within a galaxy that he observed was insufficient to keep the galaxy from flying apart, and he deduced that there must be some “missing mass” holding the galaxy together. In the 1970s Rubin, working with her colleague Kent Ford, began measuring the rotation of spiral galaxies and found that stars on the outer edges of galaxies spun at least as fast around the centre as those in the inner regions, counter to Rubin’s expectations.  Dr. Rubin, cheerful and plain-spoken, had a lifelong love of the stars, championed women in science and was blunt about the limits of humankind’s vaunted knowledge of nature. Her work helped usher in a Copernican-scale change in cosmic consciousness, namely the realization that what astronomers always saw and thought was the universe is just the visible tip of a lumbering iceberg of mystery.

Check out this week’s video on VERA RUBIN, Astronomer.




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