#wcw | Carol W. Greider | Molecular Biologist

I have been featuring #wcw on my social media for months now, and I have now decided to start featuring my #wcw on the blog as well, as not everyone has social media. Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw) is often a stereotypical babe that is plastered all over the internet on a weekly basis. I’m not fond of social norms, and going against the grain is what I do, so I have decided that my #wcw each week is going to be a woman who is intelligent, a shaker and mover and an overall contributor to society.

WATCH HERE: #wcw | CAROL W. GREIDER | Molecular Biologist / Nobel Prize / Telomeres / Telomerase

Carol W. Greider is American molecular biologist who was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine, along with American molecular biologist and biochemist Elizabeth H. Blackburn and American biochemist and geneticist Jack W. Szostak, for her research into telomeres (segments of DNA occurring at the ends of chromosomes) and for her discovery of an enzyme called telomerase. Greider suspected that abnormal regulation of telomerase contributed to the development of certain cancers. She discovered that inhibitingtelomerase activity in cancer cells with dysfunctional telomeres prevents cell survival and thereby slows tumour growth. This research led to the subsequent emergence of telomerase as a potential target for the development of anticancer drugs.

Check out this week’s video on CAROL W. GREIDER.



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