Episode 16 | The Science of Trance/EDM/Techno/Electronica


WATCH: Episode 16 | The Science of Trance

Have you ever been to a club or a festival or really anywhere that promotes music, and you just start to feel that vibe? Before you know it, your foot is tapping, your head is bobbing, and you are slowly feeling the music take over? The music is building and building and building to the point where you bust out in full on rave moves? It happens to me all the time, and there is a reason for it: SCIENCE! Trance, EDM, House, etc. whatever name you choose to call your rave-alicious music, the BPMs (beats per minute) and the Hz (hertz) embedded in the music have a physical effect on you. So really, when you feel the need to just go wild and get lost in the moment of music at the club, it’s because your body said to–and the body knows best right? Tune in this week to learn about the Science behind the Trance. This is bejewelled, where we bestow gems of truth on humanity. #bejewelled #gemsoftruth #trance #science

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