Episode 11 | Michael Wann | Astrology, Starboards & the Susquehanna River


WATCH: Episode 11 | Michael Wann | Astrology, Starboards and the Susquehanna River

Michael Wann | Michael is the owner of Susquehanna Alchemy. He has delved in deep to the mysteries of the Susquehanna River and has now coined the term the Susquehanna Mystery. This is the oldest river in America and it has deep rooted ties to the cabal, river worship and magick. In addition to diving deep into the river mysteries, Michael also performs beautiful Starboard Sessions that tell the client their natal chart in the most beautiful of manners. On top of being a historian and a purveyor of synchronicities, Michael is an artist. You can find all of his work on www.susquehannalchemy.com. This is bejewelled, where we bestow gems of truth on humanity. #gemsoftruth #bejewelledpod

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