#wcw | Julia Child

I have been featuring #wcw on my social media for months now, and I have now decided to start featuring my #wcw on the blog as well, as not everyone has social media. Woman Crush Wednesday (#wcw) is often a stereotypical babe that is plastered all over the internet on a weekly basis. I’m not fond of social norms, and going against the grain is what I do, so I have decided that my #wcw each week is going to be a woman who is intelligent, a shaker and mover and an overall contributor to society.

Watch: #wcw | Julia Child | Chef & Inventor

This week, I am featuring Julia Child. While likely best known for her contributions to the culinary community, Julia Child lived a fascinating life. You may or may not know that she also worked for the Office of Strategic Services (the pre-cursor to the Central Intelligence Agency or CIA). This amazing woman helped create a shark repellent that kept the sharks from detonating submarine mines. There is no telling how many military officer’s lives she saved with the shark repellent concoction she cooked up in the OSS lab. She is much more than a woman who can bake a delicious brie. Find out how truly amazing Julia is HERE.

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