Episode 3: Project Blue Book and Georgia MUFON Meetup


WATCH on YOUTUBE: Episode 3 | Project Blue Book & MUFON

Project Blue Book has been the source of much conversation in the conspiracy theory community. Why would the government embark on a 20+ year project to study and collect data on UFOs just to hide all of the evidence from the American people? Today’s episode will teach you the history of Project Blue Book within the United States Military. In addition, you will also learn about MUFON and where they stepped in when the government deemed the Project Blue Book study no longer worth their time. #gemsoftruth #bejewelledpod

With Project Blue Book airing January 8th on the History Channel, there is no better time to talk about this subject than now!


Location: Tucker-Reid H. Cofer Library, Atlanta

Headcount: 37 (15 female; 22 male)

Speaker: Scott Cantrell, GA MUFON State Director | www.gamufon.org

The meeting started off with the MUFON rules and regulations. Those rules were as follows: be respectful of others ideas and opinions, keep politics out of the discussion, submit UFO reports through the submittal process via www.mufon.com, discontinue phone use and have positive interactions with others.

Next, we moved to some history about MUFON. The following facts were communicated: MUFON has 3,500 members currently. It was founded post-Project Blue Book (5/31/1969). The headquarters are currently in Los Angeles. It has chapters in all of the United States and forty countries. The online database has a collection of over 89,000+ records.

Then, we moved to facts about Georgia MUFON. The following facts were communicated: it was established in 1974 in Georgia. The GA MUFON chapter has 47 international members. In addition, it houses 9 field investigators that handle about 150 reports per year. There are also four consultants that work on special projects when needed.

We then learned about the mission statement and goals of MUFON, followed by membership information.

Our main topic was “UFOlogy Today: What we’ve learned and what we want to learn.” We went over the three levels of classification, followed by the investigative procedure and tools, and then we closed with the “what do we want to learn” portion which was open to group discussion.

Overall, this was a good experience for me and I was happy that I attended. I did expect to glean more educational information than I did, but that is not to say that the brainstorming session didn’t provide some education, as it did. I think it is great that there is a meeting place for others of like mind who are interested in the topics of UFOs. Often times this subject matter is ridiculed by outsiders, and having serious conversation about the matter is often difficult.

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